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Welcome to the best place for new placements.

The most important thing first: We don’t just want to see you off: we want to see you through. For this reason, we don’t just send your documents to our clients. If your qualifications match, we will invite you to a video interview and carry out structured, personal interviews and potential analyses with you. In this way we can find out reliably if you match the company that is looking for candidates.

Web-based potential analysis from Rennecke Consulting:


Achieves clarity about individual strengths and weaknesses


Guarantees more satisfaction in the new company


Is based on scientific findings


Is exclusively career-related and does not include any evaluation of your personality

The curtain rises on your stage: video interviews

When measuring the cultural fit, a further speciality of ours comes into play: video interviews. As pioneers in this field, we now have a flexible video platform that is as effective as it is efficient. All that while being amazingly easy to use.

The video platform from Rennecke Consulting:

12-point plan for candidates

Get to know our entire recruiting process by downloading the 12-point plan for candidates here.