Our journey

Zusammenarbeit mit Rennecke Consulting

The journey to a perfect job profile is the destination.

Patricia Rennecke is on the way to a hidden champion from the manufacturing sector. While she already knows the job profile, she wants to get an even more detailed picture of the company and the position to be filled.

Patricia Rennecke Auf dem Weg zu einem Unternehmen
Gemeinsame Begehung

Visiting. Looking around. Understanding.

Together with the managing director, Patricia Rennecke tours the factory. Thanks to her many years of experience and profound understanding for manufacturing, she is able to put together a profile – above all as regards the cultural fit.

Allow us to present: you.

Now that Patricia Rennecke has got to know the company, candidates can do so too. For this, the managing director introduces himself and the company via a video interview. He receives a short introduction to this and compact training.

Einführung und Coaching
Zeitversetzte Video-Interviews

A moving picture says more than 1000 words.

Now it is the candidates’ turn to present themselves by video interview. As this does not take place live, it can be rehearsed first. The practical element: the Rennecke Consulting platform even allows recording or transmission via smartphone.

Now it gets personal.

The candidate made a great impression – both on paper and in the video interview. Patricia Rennecke now invites the candidate and managing director to a personal interview including site visit and individual assessment – if this is desired.

Vorstellungsgespräch und Werksbesichtigung
Perfect Match!

Perfect match!

The candidate has now passed the final hurdle successfully. Now all that remains is for contracts to be signed. Patricia is happy to help both parties even beyond this stage and regularly offers feedback interviews during the trial period.

Rely on our placement guarantee.

Whatever vacancy you have, we will fill it. A promise? A guarantee! In the unlikely event that the contract with the new employee ends during the trial period, we will find a replacement candidate – free of charge, of course. And that’s not all: if desired, you can also use our guarantee extension of one year.