VROOOM. Our video service

VROOOM. Our video service for you since 2013: Remote recruiting from A-Z

What is VROOOM? In our recruiting process, you meet online via video pitch in a protected room. You, that is you as employer and you as candidate. The virtual meeting takes place time differed and online. There are no more insights before a face-to-face meeting!

Your benefit of our remote recruiting VROOOM

Significantly improves KPI´s like “time to hire” or “cost per hire”

Positive candidate experience through eye level and transparency

Complies with the important provisions of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

VROOOM is unvarnished and improves the “cultural fit”

How to do remote recruiting right?

The pandemic-driven “forced digitalisation” is currently the central topic in almost all industries. Human Resources is no exception. For example, all of a sudden everyone is “able” to do remote recruiting. However, one wonders whether it is really enough to install a video conferencing tool, use it for interviews and a high-quality recruiting process is done? This is not the case at all.

VROOOM – Our remote recruiting and consulting services for you

VROOOM – Video recruiting at its best in a protected space, the benefits for you

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